Winter update

19th Jan 2015

  • Check out You Tube for a cute video of our sheep coming off Putney Mountain in October, 2014.
  • Jan 19, '15.  Preparations for Spring: Although the sub zero temperatures and yesterday’s ice storm has made the farm look and feel very wintery, we are beginning to think about Spring! The barns are all clean in preparation for the ewes and their soon to arrive lambs. David our sheep shearer is taking his equipment out of storage to get it ready for the ewe’s yearly hair cuts in February. Best of all, the days are starting to get a little bit longer giving us a little more time each day to finish the chores.
  • The Farm Store is Open: Wind, Snow, Power Outages, Ice, Sleet-our Farm Store is open through all of it!
  • Jan 19, '15. Sold Out of 2 year old Invierno to wholesalers but it is still available in the farm store.