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Invierno (Wholesale), Whole Wheel

Invierno (“winter”) – a mixed milk cheese made from a blend of our sheep milk and our neighbors’ organic cows’ milk. It is also a raw milk cheese, and is aged for 5-9 months in our cheese cave. It has a full, earthy flavor with tones of mushroom and a creamy texture. Versatile and distinctive, this cheese is great for melting and adding flavor and zest to any meal or appetizer.
7.00 LBS

Yesenia grew up summer’s milking cows on her dad’s farm in the Dominican Republic. David grew up tending his dad’s sheep in Vermont. Together, they make a mixed milk cheese called “Invierno”. The sheep milk comes from David and Yesenia’s sheep who are famous for the Vermont Shepherd cheese their milk produces. The cows milk comes from a small dairy farm just down the road. Invierno (or “winter” in Spanish) is a soft to semi-hard natural rind cheese, aged 4-5 months. Invierno is a versatile cheese with a rich, butter and mushroom flavor. It melts well and it’s delicious with cider, beer and rich savory red wines.

If you pay online with a credit card, we'll choose a 7 lb. wheel.  If you choose to be billed, we will bill you for the exact weights of the cheese we select (at $13.50/lb.)