Large Spring Cheese Sampler


Enjoy the seasons of our farm, and of local Vermont products! Our large Spring Cheese Sampler includes 1/2 pound wedge of our Verano 100% raw sheep milk cheese, 1/2 pound wedge of our Invierno raw cow and sheep milk aged cheese, 1/2 pound wedge of our Well Aged Invierno cow and sheep milk cheese, 1/2 pound wedge of our applewood smoked Invierno, 1 11.5oz jar of our sheep's milk fromage blanc marinated in farm grown garlic and thyme, peppercorns, and extra virgin olive oil, and 1 9oz Sidehill Farm fruit spread (cherry, fig, or quince). If you would like a specific flavor of fruit preserve, please include this in the notes on your order. Otherwise, we will send what we have in stock.

The large spring sampler is the perfect gift for a big family or event, or a special addition to a large dinner party or gathering.

Includes shipping anywhere in the US.

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If you are local and would prefer to pick up your sampler directly from us instead of having it shipped, please email us at or call us at 802-387-4473.