Summer Cheese, Winter Cheese. Verano y Invierno

Like many fine foods… strawberries, cider, and asparagus, Vermont Shepherd cheeses are seasonal. Our summer cheese, “Verano,” we make from pure sheeps’ milk when our pastures are abundant with wild herbs and grasses. Verano then ages 3-5 months and ripens by August. The flavor of the summer cheese is sweet, rich and earthy with hints of clover, mint, and thyme. Our winter cheese, “Invierno,” we make from a mix of our sheeps’ milk and rich, organic milk from our neighbors cows. Invierno ages 5-9 months and ripens by early winter. The flavor of the winter cheese is strong and full, with a spicy tang. We sell the summer and winter cheeses by the pound and by the 6 to 8 lb wheel.

In addition, we make a smoked version of the Invierno cheese.  This we make by smoking the wedges in smoke from our own apple tree wood.