Wool - Raw, Carded, and Yarn

Our sheep produce a beautiful, lusterous wool.  We shear them once a year in late February and March, right after we bring them off the snow and into the barn.  This wool, directly off the sheep and full of its natural lanolin is "raw" wool. After we wash (or "scour") the wool, we card it. This product, known as "carded wool" is excellent for stuffing, felting or processing further into yarn.  

We have a few black-wooled sheep in our mostly white wool flock. This allows us to have both a natural white yarn, as well as a grey, or pepper-colored yarn.  The yarn we sell in 4 oz skeins and is processed for us by the Green Mountain Spinnery - a little mill in our town that produces many lovely natural fiber yarns.

Our wool is a lusterous, medium grade fiber, with a good crimp. It has a 3 to 4 inch length ("staple").  The yarn is a worsted weight 2 ply yarn. 

You can buy our wool online here, or contact us at 802-387-2041 or via email for larger orders.

Soaps - Made of our sheep milk

We carry four types of sheep milk soap.  These are gentle, naturally scented soaps made by our neighbor, Judy Lidie of "Grace and Miss Mouse Soaps," from our sheep milk.

Basil Lemongrass

Geranium Rose

Lavender Oatmeal

Rosemary & Mint

Buy our soaps online here.