Fall 2017

21st Oct 2017

Greetings!Fall is in full swing here at Vermont Shepherd. As the weather changes and we begin to feel the chill of the winter yet to come, so too comes a change of pace for farmer, animal, and field a … read more

Verano is back

13th Aug 2016

Our 2016 Verano is back in season.  Its been a pretty dry summer, though the pastures have remained beautiful.  Right now they are full of white Queen Annes Lace and yellow Saint Johns Wort. … read more

Border Collie Pups

2nd Jan 2016

Our border collie, Cookie, just had 6 puppies with Gile, Steve Wetmore's border collie in Strafford.  Boys and girls, all have little white tips on their tails and otherwise are various mixes of … read more

Holiday 2015

Posted by David on 5th Dec 2015

As I write on December 5, the sheep are still grazing the leftover grass on the hills and valleys surrounding the farm. Most years I find that the grazing season ends when the snow falls too deep for … read more

Fall 2015

12th Nov 2015

The rams are in with the ewes now, so even though we are winding up this season, the seeds are set for next.  We made our last batch of Verano for the year a week or so ago, and we just stopped m … read more