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Sheep for Sale

Vermont Shepherd is one of the longest operating sheep dairies in the U.S. and we have replacement dairy ewe lambs available for purchase. We have been selectively breeding for dairy production (components and volume) and udder conformation for the past 30 years. Our selection program consists of regular milk metering via the Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA), culling, and ram lamb selection from our best producers. 

Our flock is outdoors for much of the year in a northeastern climate. The majority of their nutrition is from grazing. We use an intensive, rotational system. During lactation, dairy ewes are moved every 12 hours. We feed dry hay and grain in the winter months. Milkers in production get ½ lb mixed ration pellet per milking. Lambs nurse for the first 4-8 weeks of their lives and go through the milking parlor with their mothers to get them accustomed to the sights and sounds of milking.

Our flock has tested free of OPP and Johnnes, is foot-rot free, and is annually vaccinated for tetanus, clostridial bacteria-caused disease, and contagious ecthyma. All ewe lambs come with a Veterinary Health Certificate. 

Genetics and Breeding
Our sheep are Friesian Tunis Dorset X. There have been no imported genetics in the last 25 years. The flock’s lambing rate is 200% or better. 

We do monthly milk metering with DHIA which analyzes for volume, solids, and somatic cell count. The flock average post-weaning milking volume is 405 lbs with a 200+ day lactation for younger ewes and a 120 day lactation for older ewes. We also get a Money Corrected Milk (MCM) figure from DHIA which factors fat and protein components into the milk volume calculation. Our flock’s average MCM is 632 lbs per lactation.
All replacements are above average producers (over 405 lbs per lactation, post-weaning). 

Wool for Sale

Should you wish to purchase wool in quantities not available in our online store, please contact us.

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