Sweet Sheep Holiday Sampler


Our Sweet Sheep Sampler features our pure sheep milk products including Verano and our fresh Marinated Sheep's Cheese paired with two classic jams from Sidehill Farm and Tavernier Chocolate's Baaci Truffles filled with a chocolate ganache made with our own sheep's milk yogurt and hazelnut.

Sampler contains:

3/4lb wedge of our Verano aged sheep's milk cheese

11.5oz jar of our fresh sheep's milk cheese marinated in farm grown garlic, thyme, peppercorns and pure extra virgin olive oil

4oz Sidehill American Cherry Jam

4oz Sidehill Apricot Jam

Tavernier Chocolate's sheep milk Baaci Truffles with hazelnut and our own sheep's milk yogurt

This sampler makes a special addition to any dinner party or gathering and is perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones. Makes an ideal gift for the cheese lover in your life!


To learn more about Tavernier Chocolates, click here

To learn more about Sidehill Farm, click here

Includes shipping anywhere in the US.

If you are local and would prefer to pick up your sampler directly from us instead of having it shipped, please email us at vermontshepherd@gmail.com or call us at 802-387-4473.