Fall 2015

12th Nov 2015

The rams are in with the ewes now, so even though we are winding up this season, the seeds are set for next.  We made our last batch of Verano for the year a week or so ago, and we just stopped milking last Wednesday.   Coming up on Thanksgiving we are expecting a litter of border collie puppies.  Just today we kept the mom-to-be from participating in a big sheep herd up the valley to the north end of the farm.  She hates to be left out, but she's beginning to waddle a little and definitely cannot move as quick as usual.

We received some nice recognition in August at the American Cheese Society annual competition.  This year it was in Providence Rhode Island.  For the first time in eight years we entered two cheeses: the Verano won a first place and the aged Invierno won a third in their respective categories.  Also, look for mentions of our farm and cheese in the current issue of Culture Magazine, as well as in the recent issue of Rider Magazine (the picture of the "secret underground location in Vermont" is our cave!).

We are starting to use a more up-to-date insulation and box for sending out our mail ordered cheeses.  This will add a little to the cost, but should help the cheese get to you in its best condition.