Large Holiday Cheese Sampler


Enjoy the seasons of our farm, and of local Vermont products! Our large 2021 holiday cheese sampler includes 3/4 pound wedge of our Verano 100% raw sheep milk cheese, 3/4 pound wedge of our Invierno raw cow and sheep milk aged cheese, 3/4 pound wedge of our Well Aged Invierno cow and sheep milk cheese, 1 9oz Sidehill Farm American Cherry Jam, 1 9oz Sidehill Farm Quince Butter, and a 5oz Mont Vert Pâté Chocolat from Tavernier Chocolates in Brattleboro, VT. When we tried this amazing chocolate with our cheese, we knew we had to include it in this years holiday sampler. The Mont Vert is blended Latin American dark & creamy milk chocolate chocolate ganache enriched with tangy Vermont chèvre, Singing Cedars Apiaries raw honey, & a whiff of organically grown dried french lavender blossoms and pairs incredibly with our cheeses. The grassy-sweet, herbaceous flavor in our Verano sheep cheese with the rich and floral notes of the Mont Vert, the tangy earthy and dense Invierno with the sweet complexity of quince butter - this sampler is a true taste of the abundance that Vermont has to offer.

The large holiday sampler is the perfect gift for a big family or event, or a special addition to a large dinner party or gathering.

Holiday samplers come packed attractively in the farm’s spring hay. Includes shipping anywhere in the US.

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